Hi, my name is Jessica Eken

Want to create your dream home?

Want to know which steps to take and what makes things work? Want to know where to look for amazing product and how to put it all together?

I’m a Dutch native living and working in Canada. As a professional interior designer and architectural aficionada I have been involved in residential and commercial design projects for over nearly three decades through my design firm Sophistique Interior Design.

With this blog I intent to provide you with all the knowledge you need to successfully carry out a renovation of your home, from a simple powder room make-over to a full kitchen reno. You will learn about all the steps to you need to take. You will learn how to put a sophisticated living or dining room together. You will learn to make your bedroom the retreat you want it to be. You will learn to make your dream home!

My work has taken place mostly in beautiful Vancouver in British Columbia (Canada) and now in the Toronto area. Some of my clients are in the US. I was trained in the Netherlands as well as Canada. I love to visit Europe and other parts of the world to stay up to date on the newest trends and bring to my clients and readers the best ideas I can find.

I wish for my blog to inspire you to look differently at your physical environment, to see its potential, and to explore new ideas, colours and trends.

Feel free to leave me a comment at any time. If you have a design dilemma or question let me know and I will get back to you. Or lets meet on social media!

Meanwhile, check my post on time in interior design. After my Mom died last summer I became very introspective and thought a lot about the passing of time. Then I wondered how time is reflected in interior design. Check it out here: Tic Toc…Time In Interiors.